2005 Toyota Camry

  • 2005 Toyota Camry

    Toyota Camry
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    • Verified customer concern found multiple oil leaks. Found valve cover gasket leaks. -Recommend replacing valve cover gasket. Found engine oil pan sealant leaking. -Recommend reseal oil pan Found power steering system has multiple leaks Rack and pinion leaks passenger side, and power steering return hose is leaking, as well as the power steering pump from the front pump seal. -Recommend replace power steering rack and pinion, pump, and return hose.
    • Verified customers concern, there is a harsh vibration from the engine. Inspected and found all the engine mounts are broken and torn. Recommend replace all failed engine/transmission mounts with new.
    • Performed inspection and found. The front strut assemblies have failed and are both leaking. -Recommend replace the failed left and right front struts with new. Also found front brakes are shaking while braking, front brake rotors are warped. -Recommend replace front brake pads and rotors with new.
    • Replaced failed valve cover gasket with new.
    • Removed failed power steering gear and replaced with new.
    • W-Perform Alignment
    • Removed engine oil pan, cleaned, and reapplied new silicon. Reassemble and recheck ok.
    • Replaced leaking power steering pump with new.
    • Replace all 5 broken engine and transmission mounts with new.
    • Replaced both failed front struts with new.
    • Replaced front brake pads and rotors with new.
    • Installed customer provided left and right front headlamp assemblies.
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