2008 Cadillac CTS

  • 2008 Cadillac CTS

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    • – vehicle starts and runs rough, noticeable misfires – Check Engine Light is ON; scanned vehicle – (flashing TPMS light), (Oil warning present on dash) checked oil level and found dipstick is dry. Multiple engine oil leaks present. Vehicle overdue for LOF. NEEDS LOF. – p0300: random/multiple misfire and p0301: cyl. 1 misfire. – Visually inspected wiring and pigtail to ignition coil #1 and found no concerns. Engine ticking noise present. Engine runs rough and weak. NEED TO CHECK COMPRESSION ON CYLINDER ONE. INTAKE REMOVAL AND GASKET REPLACEMENT NECESSARY. – P0019: crankshaft position – exhaust camshaft position correlation Bk2. – Engine is low on oil. Excessive varnish and minor sludge present. PERFORM LOF AND BG* ENGINE OIL TREATMENT. – p0496: EVAP system flow during non-purge event. – visually inspected purge valve, vacuum line connections, and electrical connector and wiring. Found no concerns. Removed purge valve and bench tested circuit and found the valve actuates. Applied vacuum to purge valve closed and found it would not hold vacuum. REPLACE PURGE VALVE.
    • Change engine oil & replace oil filter Check tire pressure Check/Top fluids – Upto 1 Qt
    • SPARK PLUGS – Remove & Replace – Eng VIN 7,Eng CD LY7 All Six – [Includes: R&I Upper and Lower Intake Manifold as an Assembly.]
    • – tested compression on cyl. 1 and the adjacent cylinder #3 – both cylinders hold 135-140psi consistently (spec is 140psi on any cylinder)
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