2009 Ford Focus

  • 2009 Ford Focus

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    • – performed vehicle scan and found no engine codes – road tested vehicle with a/c on max and coolant temp hovered around 206*F, a/c blows hot – engine idling, vehicle stopped, a/c off and blower off; temperature rises to 221*F and remains constant – turned off engine and watched temp rise to 230*F where it gradually began to cool back down again – cooling fan functioning as designed – water pump functioning as designed – removed rad cap and found visual signs of contaminants in the fluid and coating on inside walls of radiator fill neck – ran vehicle up to operating temp and using a temp gun, measured temps across radiator and found sporadic hot spots – radiator needs upper and lower hoses disconnected and a manual flush of the radiator itself – refill cooling system and recheck concern OTHER – noticeable brake squeal heard during road test – a/c blows hot at all times
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