2010 Kia Soul

  • 2010 Kia Soul

    Kia Soul
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    • – started vehicle w/ no obvious issues – Check engine light is ON. TPMS light is ON. – verified presence of squeaking/squealing concern – scanned vehicle – P0455: EVAP SYSTEM LARGE LEAK; REC DIAGNOSIS – visually inspected engine bay with engine idling; noise is coming from the belt/pulley area of engine. – removed all three belts (a/c belt, alternator belt, power steering/water pump) and inspected belts and pulleys – all three belts in acceptable condition, no visible signs of damage or excessive wear – alternator pulley shaft making audible chirping/squeaking noise when rotated. Charging system test performed; alternator has good charging. REC REPLACEMENT OF ALTERNATOR – A/C compressor belt tensioner pulley makes a clicking/chirping noise when rotated. Bearings are worn. REC REPLACEMENT OF A/C BELT TENSIONER PULLEY (NO automatic tensioners equipped) – all other pulleys currently in good condition. Reinstalled all belts and adjusted belt tensions. Ran vehicle. Further verified squeaking noise still present.
    • – removed belt – replaced idler pulley – reinstalled and tensioned belt – ran vehicle and verified proper installation of pulley
    • Change engine oil & replace oil filter Check tire pressure Check/Top fluids – Upto 1 Qt
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