2016 BMW 328i

  • 2016 BMW 328i

    BMW 328i
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    • Verified customer concern white smoke seen after sitting overnight Coolant level in between max and min and in decent condition Technician took an oil sample and found: Metal shavings (see other customer concern) Coolant mixed with oil and water present in oil sample took the spark plug and found little white stain on cylinder #3 and #4 took the oil filter cap and noticed sever mix of coolant and oil which indicates the internal damage of the oil cooler the scratches seems to be cause of the oil and coolant mixture on the cam lopes recommend replacing engine assembly and oil cooler
    • Verified customer concern chain rattling/ticking noise was heard from the front of the engine and the high pressure pump opened the oil filler cap and noticed the chain is loose used bore scope to find further damages due the tight space could not see anything *Recommend R&R valve cover for further diagnoses
    • After removing the valve cover found: Timing chain has excessive play/is stretched Camshaft lobes can visibly see scoring After taking off high pressure pump can also see damage on the camshaft lobe it rides on
    • LONG BLOCK – Remove & Replace – Automatic Trans – [Consists of a Cylinder Block fitted with Pistons, Rings, Connecting Rods, Crankshaft and all Bearings, Cylinder Head(s), Camshaft(s), Timing Chain or Belt and Sprockets or Gears. Includes (where applicabl
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