2017 Toyota Sienna

  • 2017 Toyota Sienna

    Toyota Sienna
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    • Verified customer concern regarding vehicle making a rattling noise. Technician found upon inspection: Water pump pulley wobbling while vehicle is running. Took belt off and checked pulleys, water pump pulley has excessive play and dried coolant residue around it Also found that the tensioner assembly bearing is weak/has play and is noisy *Recommend replacement of the water pump and the tensioner assembly and recheck
    • WATER PUMP – Remove & Replace – w/o Radar Cruise Control – [Includes: R&I Air Conditioning Compressor. Includes: R&I Engine Thermostat Housing. Includes: R&I Radiator. Includes: Adjust Radar Sensor.]
    • Technician verified customer concern clunking when going into reverse Technician performed inspection and found: Upon mount check found all engine mounts failed/cracked causing excessive engine movement *Recommend replacement of all engine mounts and recheck
    • ENGINE MOUNT – Remove & Replace – FWD Engine,Front,Right of Eng Compartment
    • ENGINE MOUNT – Remove & Replace – FWD Transaxle,Left,Front of Eng Compartment
    • ENGINE MOUNT – Remove & Replace – FWD Transaxle,Rear,Left of Eng Compartment
    • ENGINE TORQUE MOUNT – Remove & Replace
    • Technician found upon inspection: Engine oil level sensor leaking
    • OIL LEVEL SENSOR OR SWITCH – Remove & Replace – [Includes: R&I Oil Pan.]
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